Preparing for Worship

Although we are classed as spectators at cricket matches, concerts and films, we often join in by discussing what is happening with those around us, cheering, singing along or, in this day and age, tweeting. Worship - in which we are participants rather than spectators - requires greater preparation.

We have many reasons for attending worship: maintaining and deepening our connection with God, learning more about scripture, and sharing in Christian Community are just a few. These are all enhanced by preparing ourselves for worship.

As you know, Jesus counselled that we should resolve any disputes before making an offering of worship (Matthew 5: 23-25) and he, as a practising Jew, would have made other preparations before entering into worship. If it was necessary for Christ, how can it not be necessary for us, his followers?

Prepare for worship by reading and thinking about the lectionary texts for that week, using our weekly guide, and by praying for your connection to God to be deepened each week as you take part in worship.

Triune God, three-in-one, creator of all things, saviour of all people, supporter of all who worship, please create in me an open mind, a loving heart and a growing soul so that I can learn from your word, build up my brothers and sisters in Christ and draw ever closer to you. Amen.

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